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Healing Path Acupuncture
252 S. Central Ave
Marshfield, WI 54449


Comforting place to heal

Jocelyn is amazing. She has helped me with several health issues. Her space is comforting. She has great recommendations to try, I would highly recommend trying accupuncture and seeing Jocelyn. S.K

A boost to my day

Jocelyn is wonderful. She takes the time to listen and tells you why she is doing what she is during needling, which I enjoy. Her upbeat attitude adds a good boost to my day.  S.W

Needles don’t hurt

I think Jocelyn is totally AMAZING!!! I enjoy just listening to her answer questions. I wish I remembered things like she does!!! She’s better than google for information. It’s always neat to hear what things she’s gone to for further training and education. I like going just for general maintenance and health. Most of the needles I don’t even feel,

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Symptoms gone and not another pill

After reaching out to western medicine and being told to take a pill to treat my issue I contacted Jocelyn. Within the first month my issue became manageable, six weeks later my symptoms were gone and I began the process of getting off the pills. I am happy to report my issue is resolved and no longer am on any

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