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Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relieved With Acupuncture!

I deal with Peripheral Neuropathy with intense pain in my feet. It had affected my life in many ways making me less active. My daughter suggested I try seeing Jocelyn at Healing Path Acupuncture. I wish I would have gone sooner! Jocelyn is amazing and very good at explaining everything. After a treatment I am PAIN FREE! I don’t know

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Back Pain Relieved With Gua Sha

I am an athlete. I had been experiencing back pain due to the intensity of my workouts.  Jocelyn did her magic work of guasha on my body. At first it hurt,  but once she was done, my back was healed. It felt amazing for all the tension in my back to be relieved. If it wasn’t for her, my back

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Pain Relief

Jocelyn Michel is extremely gifted as both an Acupuncturist and Teacher. She is devoted to her patients, and spends an incredible amount of time sharing what she is doing and what is happening physiologically during her treatment sessions. After the second treatment, I noticed remarkable relief from the pain I have been suffering. I look forward to continued pain relief,

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Knowledgeable and Compassionate Care

I have been going to Jocelyn for several months now and she is excellent! She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and herbs and has given me a lot of really good advice on many aspects of my health. Her dedication to her patients is superb, I highly recommend trying acupuncture for any health issue you may be having.  ~ S.

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