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Healing Path Acupuncture
252 S. Central Ave
Marshfield, WI 54449

Experiential Healing Group


Experiential healing group is also known as a systemic family constellation group. What is that you ask?  Systemic family constellations are a type of therapy group developed by Burt Hellinger.  It is a type of energy medicine that allows us to see the energetic relationships between people, ideas, and emotions.  A member of the group will be chosen to “present work”. “Work” is whatever you would like to see happen. Examples of work maybe seeing the relationship between you and your mother, getting in touch with your creativity, deciding on two different options, or looking at your relationship to anger or depression. These are just some examples of the kind of work that can be presented.  Group members serve as representatives for the person presenting the work.  Although family is in the name, family members do not need to and usually are not part of the group.  Those serving as representatives will use there intuition to receive information from the “knowing field”. This information will show the energetic relationship between representatives.  As representatives come into a more harmonious relationship with each other, energy is shifted. This change in relationship creates a new experience for the person who presented the work and those who served as representatives.  Experiential healing is used to shift and often resolve painful emotions.  Constellation work is also used to help us connect with our positive intention for our life in the here and now.

Groups meet at the Marshfield Public Library.  Located at 105 S. Maple Ave, Marshfield WI 54449.

We meet inside the J.P. Adler Program Room; in the back of the library on the first floor.


Upcoming Group Meeting Dates


There are currently no meetings scheduled.

If you are interested please contact me and I will let you know when the next group will be meeting.


Please R.S.V.P. by notifying me ahead of time if you are interested in joining us. 

262-989-8083 ~


Note:  there is no fee associated with attending this group. If you feel you have received value from attending and you would like to make a contribution, envelopes will be provided.  Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring along a snack and water bottle for your comfort.