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Healing Path Acupuncture

With You Every Step Of The Way

Healing Path Acupuncture
243 S. Central Ave
Suit 108
Marshfield, WI 54449
(262) 989-8083

Your path to the Abundant, Joyful, Energetic, Vibrant life you deserve!

My office is not your typical acupuncture office.  I attract and help certain types of patients, and I would like you to be as close to 100% sure my office is the place for you before you even step through my doors.

If any of the statements below describe you, you will fit right in at Healing Path Acupuncture.

  • You have a desire to get to the root cause of your problems, especially the link between symptoms you are experiencing and your toxin levels, nutritional status, emotions, and lifestyle
  • You know you are a human being with a symptom of dis-ease, but you are not that dis-ease
  • You would prefer to heal yourself naturally
  • You have a long or complicated list of symptoms that doctors are finding hard to diagnose and treat
  • You are healthy right now and you want to stay that way
  • You want support in creating and maintianing a great life and a vibrant body

I understand that you’ve probably been trying to improve your health for a long time.  Perhaps you’ve gone so far as to see different practitioners, even specialists. But, despite your efforts, you are still struggling.  Maybe in frustration and desperation, you have spent hours researching your condition and seeking alternatives. Now, you’re at the point where you’re starting to lose hope.

I will listen to your concerns, and create a comprehensive treatment plan to resolve the root cause of your symptoms. Many of my patients have told me, “you are the most thorough practitioner I’ve ever worked with, and you have given me hope that I can heal.” 

Healing Path Acupuncture is Marshfield’s premier acupuncture and natural medicine clinic, where you will receive high-quality care. Conveniently located on Central Ave.  

My Mission

To create a world of resilient, vital people who are fulfilled because they make a difference through positive contribution, and stay out of the medical system 

[This quote was taken from Michael Gaeta, but it summed up my mission so succinctly that I decided to make it my own]

Have More Questions?

Call today for your free consultation, to see if I can help!


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